China Toe Linking Machine


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Product Characters:
1.Self-lubricating head device,longer service life;low noise ande create a fancy working environment.
2.The automatic trimming device ,effectively control the length of uniform sock.
3.Can be flipped into the feeding device,yarn is convenient;inner automatic lifting device make the delivery of sock more smooth.
4.Feed fiber optic sensor time delay function,the delay length can be set according to different speed,effictively control the waste of the suture in sewing .
5.Dual-channel head sewn to make socks more solid and smooth.
6.Make the operate more convenient through adopt the touch-screen computer control systerm.
7.Separate motor control systerm is to control the length and shortage of socks by adjusting sewing density and speed with the help of computer.
8.The second head automatic lift device can be adjustable by computer,making the operate more convenient,accurate and effectively solving the sock's flaw.
9.The controller has memory function which can keep 4 different sewing files, easy for future repeat use.
Basic Specifications:
Rotate speed3900 RPM
Capacity800 pairs per hour
Net weight64KG
Gross weight112KG
Packing size98*48*125CMChina Toe Linking Machine