What is Jiashan Donghui Sponge Co., LTD ?


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Jiashan Donghui Sponge Co., LTD is a subsidiary of Huiding Group.Huiding group was established in 2002,Our group has established 12 branches and factories in China.These factories are close to the ports of Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen,the production scale is huge, supply capacity is extremely strong.Our branch factory mainly specializes in the production of various sponge products,Non-woven scouring padmagic melamine sponge, including all kinds of sponge raw materials, sponge products, scouring pad, non-woven fabrics, mop accessories and other OEM products.Our factory has a full range of production lines from raw materials to packaging.In 2019, our factory was equipped with the only complete ‘Rando’ machine in China and developed the latest environmentally friendly glue-free flame compounding technology for the first time.Our factory has also set up a special laboratory, with more than ten sets of professional testing equipment. Professional r & d teams develop products to serve customers.Our high quality products are mainly exported to Europe and America... and have won unanimous praise and established a good reputation. Welcome to inquire.Welcome to visit the group factory, looking forward to cooperating with you!

The use of bleach or hot water detoxification will cause the cleaning sponge to turn yellow and deteriorate. When wiping the leather chair, please be careful not to repeatedly wipe it with excessive force, which will cause excessive sponge wear and damage to the leather chair. When using a cleaning sponge, keep away from power and ignition sources.